Monday, May 22, 2006

Who knew poi artists had to spend this much time on the computer?

IMG_1105.JPGToo much time, that's what I say. Oh, but we're so close. So close to my not having to spend this much time at the computer.

Definitely working hard now that I'm back in Vancouver. When I'm not on the computer or practicing, I've been doing heavy renovations over at my Uncle Noulan's house, in Deep Cove, with the help of my little brother, Ben.

...that or I've been Helping Marc with a little P.A. work. It was actually a good gig. We got to help move somebody's stuff out to the Okanagan Valley. It was the first beautiful day of spring and Marc's a great guy to hang out with.

IMG_1008.JPGMeanwhile, the website is finally coming together, and I am... about... to... launch!!!!

Oh yeah, so that means go to direct. My main blog will be on the website directly from now on.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nick! You look so genki! Keep going!


6:51 PM  

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