Friday, April 21, 2006

Back in Vancouver, Poi DVDs in my own hands!

IMG_0982.JPGAfter a very long plane trip, and a couple days of Jet Lag, I am sorting things out in Vancouver. There are even more cherry blossoms here than Tokyo, I'm happy to say.

There is also a lot to sort out. I have months of work to get done in two months of time, and I don't even have a home (eep). I'm hoping to launch the new site within a week, and then I can start rolling out all the new videos and photos :)

IMG_0986.JPGAND... I have Poi DVDs! They're gorgeous. They radiate love. I can touch them. I can open them. All that work. That ridiculous amount of work... and now they're done. They're in boxes. So many boxes. Can I build a desk with all those boxes? I need one. They are available on and Quick. Go. Order one right now. Yes, of course I mean you. Think of it in terms of coffees and it's an easy decision. Think, "why, that's just ten coffees" and go order one before you have second thoughts. Don't worry, you can have a coffee anyway, afterwards, it's just a good way to make a decision.

IMG_0988.JPGOh, and this is my life. It's packed into boxes, which I get to stack the other boxes on top of. I know, I know, you're saying, "but Nick, I thought poi artists were rich and had swank apartments to go home to, no?"


But we're rich in friends, us poi artists, and with my bank statements burried so far under everything else, I have a good reason not to look at them :)


Blogger newgabe said...

Instructions for repatriated poi artists:
1. climb on boxes (or rearrange to nest shape)
2. find soft cuddly thing (failing that, DVD box will do)
3. sleep!

Cos you got a lot of groupying to do!
Mine's in the mail ;)

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Siri Avtar said...

Darlin'! Video me up! To whom and for how much should I write a cheque, in the absence of a plastic moneysucker?

You know where to find me...

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No fancy smancy apartment? I'm shocked! Well if all else fails super glue and a lot of poi videos might provide some good insulation :) Doubt it though, my friend in england already has one of those bad boys in his hands.
Congrats Nick on your DVD and good luck.

your long lost poi friend.

10:31 PM  
Blogger orenico said...

Hey nick.
we've never spoken before.
my name is oren, i'm from israel and on my way of becomming a poi artist. i see you had a good trip just now. Congrats on the dvd. i know it must have been a handfull. i'll buy one for myself too.
i'm also going on a long trip soon, also to NZ. i hope one day we'll get to meet and do a session.
take care and keep up the excellent work.

9:01 AM  

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