Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Beatles doing poi!

Is it? Could it be? Yes! It is! It's a picture of the Beatles doing poi during their visit to New Zealand, many years ago.

Ok, it's a picture of ONE of the Beatles doing poi. Is that John Lennon? Anybody up on what the beatles looked like when they were young?

We found the picture inside a big museum. Who'd a thought?


Blogger Foxfire Hypnotica, Lexington, KY said...

Sure, that's John Lennon. Thanks for sharing such a fun photo. I'm Sonya Blaydes, here in good ole' Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

Please check our blog sometime. We are just newbies compared to most, but we have banded into a troupe and are slowly building some choreographies.

I'm Devi Kasi on HOP and

I have linked to your website on my blog, by the way. I want our kids to see some of your videos for inspiration.

Have a beautiful day. I am going to cruise your site some more, now.


2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats amazing!!! Definatly John, Absolutly Great Picture

4:34 PM  

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