Thursday, December 22, 2005

What Poi Artists do for their Day Jobs

Yes, it's true. Poi spinners aren't rich, expecially not ones who lack certain business instincts. I'm learning, I really am, but I really do need to figure out a way to get some dependable money coming in.

Lately it's been helping my Uncle with heavy renovations. There are much worse places to work. If you're going to spend a whole day hauling wet lumber up flights of stairs, this is the place to do it :)

My plan is certainly to get a part time job once I'm back from Australia and Japan (which is all going on the visa). I just can't handle being in financial crisis anymore. Oh sure, there are all the benefits, the weight loss, the hallucinations, etc. But I would looooooooooovve to not have to worry about next month's rent for a while.

Why didn't I get a part time job a long time ago? That's a good question, and one I ask myself a lot. I guess it's because for the past few years there has always been the next opportunity around the corner. Australia is a case in point. There always seems to be the next tripo... so it's been temporary work in between.

What I'd really love: to get hired by a cool theatre company or circus, or to get an artist-in-residency, or something like that. I've been trying to do everything on my own for so long, and I'd just love some support for a change.

So, if anybody has any tips on any of that: cool part-time jobs, artist-in-residencies, dance/theatre companies that might take me on, opportunities for grants or funding, or anything else that would help me create or find a little support, please let me know. The worst thing is the way I finally had to stop focussing on practicing. I would so love to get back to practice.

First Poi Retreat at Flying Dreams Went well...

The first retreat at Flying Dreams Studio on Salt Spring Island has come and gone. It was pretty small: Three people showed up on Friday, and four more on Saturday. That was a good size for figuring out the logistics of doing retreats on the island. Everybody had fun, and the studio certainly proved an incredible space for poi research.

I learned a lot. I was too quick to promise people I could pick them up and drop them off at the ferries. I really have to do something about my tendency to be overaccommodating. I also realize that I need to do more organizing for the next one. I wish poi people tended to have money, then I could charge twice as much and pay myself a bit more. That will come with time, I hope.

That said, the next retreat will be better organized from the get go. I've booked it for January 27th-29th, just before I leave to Australia! :)