Saturday, November 12, 2005

December DVD Release Retreat on Salt Spring Island

Yes, it's true, we're almost finished the DVD. It's taken way more time and money than I ever expected, but barring catastophe we'll have a master disk very soon.

To celebrate I'm renting Flying Dreams Studio on Salt Spring Island to have a very special poi weekend. Maximum attendees: 20. Will we get that many? I don't know. Will we have a great time? Yes.

When: December 9th-11th, starting Friday at 6pm for those doing the whole weekend, and Saturday at 2pm for those coming for just saturday and sunday.

Where: Salt Spring Island, at the Flying Dreams Studio. Salt Spring Island is between Vancouver and Victoria.

What: A weekend of poi workshops, poi play, and fire spinning. Lessons taught by me, Nick Woolsey. To learn more about the workshops I teach, visit

Who should come: Everybody who likes poi, but it will be mostly geared for intermediate and advanced spinners.Beginners will certainly learn a lot and be inspired by all the other spinners.

Cost: $125 for the full weekend, $75 for the half weekend. Group discounts available.

Lodging: We're setting up "rustic" lodging at our house and the houses of various friends. There will be an additional fee of $15/night for loding. "Rustic" means couches and floor space. Be ready to rough it :P


Getting here: For those flying in: You can fly to either Vancouver or Victoria. Vancouver will probably be cheaper, but a longer ferry ride. Either way it's a bus/ferry trip/car drive to get to the studio, so leave ample time. If you fly into Vancouver, ask for the local transit bus to "Airport Station." From there you can catch the bus to Taswassen Ferry Terminal. From there you ask to get to Salt Spring Island. If you come on Friday you'll have to make a transfer at Swartz Bay. It will take you about 4 hours to get to Salt Spring from the Airport. On Saturday there is an 11:45am direct ferry to Salt Spring. It's much quicker. Give yourself lots of time to get to the Island. Related websites: for Vancouver buses (use the "trip planner," for ferries. If you're coming into Victoria I don't really know how it works, and will post info if I find out :P

What to bring: Bring a sleeping bag and maybe a foamy in case you don't score a couch (if you want more luxory accommodations just write, we can probably find you an upgrade for a little extra money). Bring all kinds of poi toys. Note that you cannot use fire spinning equipment in the studio. The floors are very new and we don't want to scratch them. Practice poi and floor-friendly tools only. Other than that prepare for a weekend of playing and dancing. Bring a rain coat if you've got one.

And email me if you have any questions:

See you there! :P


Retreat Update, Tai Chi, Cat Attacks

Retreats: Note that I've added info to the Salt Spring Retreat info below. It's now Dec 9th-11th for sure. More info on how to get there, costs, etc. below.

Tai Chi: So, here's my Tai Chi Studio. This is also where I'm teaching poi classes in Vancouver. Zang Zi Bin didn't want his photo taken so I took a picture of some of the other students practicing. I hope to get Zang Zi Bin to come teach Tai Chi at a poi retreat some day.

Meanwhile, here's the damage from the latest attack on my person from Chobby, the huge cat that lives in the apartment where I'm staying. This cat is exactly like Garfield was in the first Garfield comic book. You may not remember, but Garfiend was once a huge cat with a small head, very different from the Garfield of Today.